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Do Parenting Classes Work?

Many state now require divorcing parents to complete parenting classes before finalizing the divorce. Some parents question whether these parenting classes actually work. Do they help the children? Do they help the parents?

How Parenting Classes Help The Children

Even the best parents can get so tangled up in divorce issues that they don't stop to consider the needs of their children. By enrolling in parenting classes, they can easily identify the most important needs of the children.

Parents find information that can change children's behavior literally overnight. Most of the techniques learned can be put in place the same day and a change will be seen immediately.

Parenting classes teach quick methods to encourage, motivate and discipline children while building their self esteem.

How Parenting Classes Help The Parents

We feel the best way to help children through the pain of divorce is to teach their parents to step back from the power struggle and cooperate in ensuring the best for their children. Most parents agree that after taking parenting classes for divorcing parents, or co-parenting classes as they are sometimes called, helps them as much as it helps the children.

Our parenting classes allow them to work on their own self esteem. They are shown how to identify issues they didn't realize they had. They learn how to deal with an ex who seems to want more drama than cooperation and how to step back without backing down. They also teach easy parenting techniques to make relationships with their children better than they ever dreamed possible.



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