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Court Approved Parenting Classes

  • What if you could learn to really enjoy your children as they grow?

  • What if they could grow into wonderful individuals you could be proud of?

  • What if parenting actually turned out to be better than your wildest dreams?

What if you could satisfy your legal requirement and learn new techniques that would make your life better?
How do you learn to be a parent?

Do you ever feel like the "bad guy" because you have yelled at your children? How do you learn to be a good parent and raise a loving family?

You might watch how your friends or relatives treat their kids. You might do and say the same things your parents did with you. Those techniques may not be working very well.

This parenting class will give you strategies that work. The idea is to implement new ideas and make changes in your current parenting style.

It isn’t enough to read the material and think that things will change because you have gained some different ideas in raising your kids.

With our Parenting Classes you will learn:

To make an immediate difference in your child's behavior.
To teach your child to be an independent and cooperative individual.
To stop temper tantrums, whining, and bad attitudes.
To stop yourself from nagging or yelling.
To make sure that your children don’t grow up with “the world owes me” attitude.
Our Parenting Class provides easy strategies that you can successfully implement at home immediately. You will be given techniques to try out the very first day that will make a difference in how your children react.

In-Person Parenting Class costs are:
3 - 6 participants - $300 (church groups - ask and get 20% off!)
6 - 10 participants - $400 (church groups - ask and get 20% off!)
Class size is limited to 10 to enable plenty of opportunity for participation.

If your group or organization would like an in-person class, and live in the Illinois-Iowa Quad City area, please use the contact form for more information.



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