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Parenting Help For Divorcing Parents

Raising Children With Your Ex Spouse

By Payo W Perry

When the decision has been reached to get a divorce and you have children together, the next most important thing is to decide upon a plan for co-parenting. While certainly it's true that divorce signifies the final end to the marriage, it should not also signify the end of a family. It's widely accepted that parents who decide to divorce or separate but continue to cooperate as far as the parenting of the children are concerned, often create the best transition and adjustment period for their children.

The term co-parenting is used to describe a situation where a divorced couple work in tandem to keep a polite relationship between them and are consistent in their efforts to share the parenting responsibility for any children. It's often a win - win situation for all involved and will go some way to lessening the challenges divorce can bring while also helping to protect the relationship parents will enjoy with their children over the long term.

Most couples who are divorced with shared children will want to remain part of their children's lives. It takes maturity to put ones differences aside for the sake of the good of the children but ultimately it does make a massive difference. Both parents must make a conscious decision to put their kids first and honor their responsibilities, make sure any plan you agree upon together is crystal clear, very practical and realistic for both parties to honor over the long term. The last thing anyone will want is to put the children through any more disappointments or let downs.

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