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Benefits of a Parenting Plan

Some states require divorcing parents to file a formal parenting plan. Even if your state does not require you to create a parenting plan, it's a good idea to work with your ex to develop a plan for their children's future.

When parents can agree on a detailed parenting plan taking care to put the best interest of their child first, they find that misunderstandings and conflicts are kept to a minimum. They do not fight like divorcing parents who have not worked together to create a plan for the children's future. By finding middle ground, they discover they have saved money that they might have spent on attorneys. Taking a few hours to create a parenting plan helps the divorcing parents as well as the children.

How a parenting plan will help parents:

  • Provides predictability for both parents. Parents are able to make arrangements in advance knowing what the schedule is.

  • Can reduce legal costs. A detailed parenting plan reduces misunderstandings and disagreements between parents.

  • A parenting plan will help ensure parent-child relationships. When parents cooperate with the only goal of making life better for the children, they learn be supportive of each other and share responsibilities for the child's care and well being.

  • Decision making can be shared fairly. In joint legal custody situations, both parents share the responsibility of making decisions. If parents have trouble cooperating, this can cause many problems. Therefore many parents feel more secure requesting sole legal custody. Sole legal custody gives one parent the responsibility for making legal decisions. With a parenting plan, the other parent may be permitted to make certain legal decisions.

  • A parenting plan allows parents to work together even if they can't stand each other. A parenting plan helps create a "business-like" relationship.

  • Once a parenting plan is approved by the court, it is hard for either parent to fight about the provisions. If a non-custodial parent has agreed to pick the kids up every other Friday at 6pm, and is consistently late or misses weekends - or if the custodial parent has agreed to allow the non-custodial parent holiday visits and then makes other arrangements, having a parenting plan will go a long way if mediation or litigation are required.

How a parenting plan will help children:

  • A parenting plans helps make the divorce easier on the children.

  • A parenting plan provides predictability. Children know when they will be with each parent. Knowing what to expect creates a feeling of security.

  • A parenting plan will help ensure parent-child relationships.

  • A parenting plan will focus on the children's needs - not the parent’s issues.

  • A parenting plan keeps the important aspects of a child's life in the parent's hands - not the courts hands.

Any parenting plan, whether ordered by the court or entered into by mutual agreement, should be reviewed by your attorney before presenting to the court.


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