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Parenting Classes

Our online parenting classes will get your valid, signed parenting class certificate to you fast and easy! Register today and you can finish your parenting class today! Opt for a "Letter of Completion" and you can have it emailed so you have it in your hand while you wait for your "Parenting Class Certificate".

Satisfy your divorce court parenting classes requirement!


About Our Basic Parenting Classes

Our basic online parenting classes contain six easy lessons designed to help you learn fast. We show you techniques that you will use immediately to see on the spot results.

You will learn techniques to communicate and handle conflict with your ex. You will learn to Focus On The Kids and keep them out of the battle while building a cooperating parenting partnership with your ex.

With our court approved online parenting classes you learn about your kids, about their relationships, their needs and how they think. You learn the effects of divorce on children. You'll learn how to set boundaries with children and adults. We'll show you better ways of communicating. Many of our past parenting class students have commented that understanding the "Stages of Life" helped more than anything.

You will learn about anger management. How to identify your own issues and your children's. Stress management techniques will help you get a handle on any situation. How to easily handle conflict and discuss sensitive subjects.

You will learn the stages of divorce and how to guide your children through the transition of divorce while ensuring they emerge as confident, self assured children.

You will satisfy your divorce requirements, build a strong co-parenting relationship with your ex and learn some great family tips at the same time!

Getting Started With Parenting Classes For Divorce          

1. Register for one of our Parenting Classes.
2. You will have instant access to the parenting class materials.
3. Complete the lessons at your own convenience.
4. Take the final test. We will review your work and issue a parenting class certificate of completion.
5. If you do not pass you can retake the test. 



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