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Our court approved online parenting classes for divorce are designed not only to satisfy a court requirement, but to make sure you learn new techniques that will help bring your family together in a happy way. You'll not only learn a lot about your kids - you will learn a lot about you!

Read what some of our past parenting class student have said about our parenting classes for divorce:


 I thought this class was great. Wasn't sure what to expect from it and got a lot out of it. I learned that my parenting style is not the best and I need to work on it. I learned that it needs to be a balanced parenting style and not one that is way left or way right. That open communications is vital and to have that I need to create a "safe" environment for my children to discuss things openly. To be able to talk about things that might be bothering them or that they might have specific questions about.

I will be using a lot of the techniques mentioned here and posting up many of the statements around my house to remind me of what my focus should be.


What I learned in this class taught me to deal with my ex and gave me tools to help our kids adjust. The kids are doing better than they ever have. They are happier than before the seperation. I can actually be in the same room with my ex and we don't fight! We've both gotten a little respect back and we can deal with important issues instead of fighting.

I am so happy I was ordered to take this class. As much as I complained about having to take it, I am so grateful there is a law requiring parents to take a class like this. And I am so happy I chose this class. Thank you!

P.S. You have a new student. My sister is having problems in her marriage. I suggested she take this class to avoid divorce. I think it will save her from divorce.


The one (lesson) I like the most was use of "I" statements. I have even started using this in discussions at work. Further I have been made more aware that I tend to go towards authoritarian parenting so I am now more cognizant of what I'm doing and try to work more with my daughter and not so much forcing her. Thirdly the child development stages really stick out. Learning this really will help me as my little girl grows so I can better understand her and help guide her and just be aware of what is going on. Also I can see if she is stuck in any particular stage and we can work to get her past it. As for "can I implement these things", well I'm already doing it.

This class really was great. I was ordered to take a class to get custody of my child, but now I wish I would have known about it sooner it really is a valuable tool. Further I'm looking to use some of these ideas in business and dealing with employees. Thank you.
SB - Oregon


I would like to thank you for offering such a great class. I have learned the stages of developmental learning in a person life. I learned the difference between discipline and punishments. I learned that it is good to start talking with your children about serious subjects before they are thirteen. I know I can implement these techniques to make my home more enjoyable.
MR - Kansas


The modules were informative, clear and concise. I highly recommend this class to all parents!! The stages of development was the area that I found quite interesting. Not only as an adult but as a parent. The serenity prayer has always brought me comfort and peace. Using the techniques I learned in this class can not only help my family to grow stronger it has assisted me with some eye opening alternate parenting skills.
DH - California


I was surprised to learn how much this information would help my kids and myself personally. Thank you for this lesson-it is much appreciated. I learned the developmental stages of children and their perceptions of life as they know it. I learned to encourage success in my children by acknowledging good behavior and pointing out successes instead of failures. I learned that children need to know they are loved by both parents regardless of the relationship between the parents themselves. I have already implemented these lessons and they have had a positive effect on the lives of my kids.
PB - Tennessee


I think this is a great way to learn as much about yourself as you do about your children and how to change yourself to be able to assist your child. Parenting Plan is a great idea. The different stages of a child's growth and signs to look for were informative. I really like the childrens' (Bill of rights) and to have both parents sign them
MB - Florida


I learned the stages of divorce, the stages of development in a child, and also different techniques to use on my child to help him to become a good child as he grows up.
MK - Georgia


Thank you. I have learned that no matter if I'm not in the best of moods it's always good to put on a happy face. I have learned how to keep a Good Habit Chart. I have learned that there are different stages that people go through in life and how to progress in each.
JJ - Kansas


I think that it is great that you have this class on line. It really helped me to take this class because I am a single parent and it is hard for me to get out of the house by myself. I know I can apply everything I have learned and use it at home, I think it will make it easier and calmer at home.


I used to be a good parent. After taking this parenting class, I am a great parent! After dealing with daily fights with my kids, suddenly they are going out of their way to please me! Thank you so much for showing me the way.

I also was guilty of fighting with my ex (always his fault). You taught me ways to control the conflict. We have reached agreements on things that I never thought we would agree on. Using your techniques, I was able to get him to act the way I wish he'd acted in our marriage. Thanks for my new life!

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