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Parenting Classes or Co-Parenting Classes for Divorce

Is there a difference between parenting classes and co-parenting classes? If so, what is it? Divorcing parents can be confused about whether they are supposed to take a parenting class or a co-parenting class.

The concept of having divorcing parents take parenting classes before their divorce began in the 90's. By 2001, 28 states had parenting class requirements.

When divorcing parents learned that they were required to take parenting classes, they felt their parenting skills were being questioned. Since the reason for taking the parenting classes is to teach divorcing parents to cooperatively parent their children after divorce, many states began calling the required parenting classes co-parenting classes.

Both our parenting classes are considered co-parenting classes. They are classes for divorcing parents. They teach cooperative parenting techniques.

The basic parenting classes will satisfy most court requirements. You will learn how divorce affects your children. You identify your parenting style and learn parenting techniques, and strategies for building your own mental health as well as your children's. We teach you approaches to coping with anger and enhancing your communication skills.

You will learn valuable lessons in dealing with your ex during the divorce. In fact, some of our past students have shared that the lessons they learned have helped them at work and in other relationships in their day to day life. (see the testimonials)

The advanced parenting class includes exactly the same material as the basic parenting class but adds some extra parenting lessons designed to help in a high conflict divorce. It also includes a detailed sample parenting plan.

Parenting classes for adoption are a different class altogether. These classes focus on building a family relationship with a child who is not your own. Parenting classes for adoption teach important information that will help make the transition smoother for both the child and the parent(s).

Our parenting classes are accepted nationwide. Our guarantee is simple:
If our parenting classes are not accepted for a divorce court or legal requirement, we will refund your money in full with written proof of decline.

Our nationally approved online parenting classes will get your valid, signed parenting class certificate to you fast and easy! Register today and you can finish your class today! Opt for a "Letter of Completion" and you can have it emailed so you have it in your hand while you wait for your "Parenting Class Certificate".

Satisfy your divorce court requirement and learn valuable lessons to make parenting your children easier! With our court approved online parenting classes, you can maintain a relationship with your ex-spouse during the process of your divorce.



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