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Blessings of Divorce

Can divorce be a blessing? Probably for some people. But most people are torn apart by divorce even if they were the one to initiate it.

Yes, even the friendliest divorces are painful. But if you can set your head straight and find the blessings, you will move on faster and with far less pain.

Divorce is the start of a world of possibilities. Stop thinking of it as the end of a relationship.

Happy, healthy children are more important than hanging on to a relationship that was wearing everyone down.

Think of qualities of your ex that made you uncomfortable or unhappy. (jealous, possessive, controlling, foul temper, unfaithful...) You can thank your stars you’re now free.

You get to re-establish your identity. Get in touch with your needs again. Appreciate ‘me’ time and make the most of it. You will enjoy it.

Once you realize that placing blame is pointless, you can start to understand the reasons for the breakup and learn some valuable lessons about yourself that will make your next relationship stronger.

You can reinvent yourself. Get a new hairstyle, buy new clothes, take up a hobby that you didn't have time for before, have time for new friends.

Life after divorce is not hard - unless you make it hard. It can be very blessed if you are willing to find the blessings.

Stop the blame game and look for the blessings.





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