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Divorce Is Hard On Kids

There is nothing easy about divorce. It is hard for the partners, the kids, their pets and their friends.

Children need to be told what is happening, in an age appropriate way.

They may ask specific questions about 'where will I go to school', 'where will I live', 'where will dad or live'?

Most children will wonder, "Did I cause this? Is it my fault?"

Just because they do not ask the question doesn't mean that they are not thinking it. Reassure them.

Infants and toddlers can react negatively with sleep, toilet training and eating.

Preschoolers may have temper tantrums or problems getting along with others.

School age children may start wetting the bed. They may feel depressed, lonely, anxious or even ashamed.

Adults must constantly reassure their children that they are not to blame for the divorce and they will be safe and cared for by both parents.

No matter how angry you get, don't tell your children that you hate your spouse or focus on the bad points. Your kids are part of that person, and may think that you are saying you hate them too.

Put the needs and emotions of children first. Do not expect them to choose sides.

Divorce is hard, but can be a growing experience and an opportunity for a fresh start on life.





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