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Become a Great Parent - Starting Today

So you've identified your parenting style and want to change it. What can you do?

You've taken the first step by identifying it, but you have habits and attitudes that feel natural. You understand that they are not the best parenting techniques, but they are familiar and feel right to you. How can you stop being so strict (authoritarian) or too passive (permissive)?

It might help to write the changes down. Post it somewhere you will see it often. The refrigerator perhaps or the bathroom mirror.

What does a good parent look like?

  • A good parent shows affection and warmth

  • A good parent gives praise

  • A good parent sets boundaries with clear limits and explains what will happen if the limits are broken

  • They are consistent in what they expect

  • The expect co-operation without demanding it

  • They do not embarrass children in public or at home

  • They save arguments for private

  • They do not blow up in anger

  • They do not say "I told you so."

  • They never say "That's stupid."

  • You can add many more...

Think about the relationship you would like with your child. You can start that relationship now.

So create that list of what you want to change. Post it where you will see it first thing in the morning (and as often as possible during the day). Some of these things will seem alien at first. Many parents are uncomfortable with praise (more than likely they never received it). So think of something before you see your child tomorrow morning. Practice saying it.
"I like that shirt. It looks good on you." Then, just say it. Don't go overboard. Tomorrow you can say something different. "I'm happy you remembered to take out the garbage. That really helps me out."

It won't take long before you become the parent you want to be.




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