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Training Kids Is A Lot Like Training Horses


I write articles for a few places on the web. Most of the articles I write are about either kids or horses.

I try to write three articles a week. Quite often, I sit down knowing exactly what I will write about today. Other times, I have no idea what I am going to write about until I sit down and go through notes or a list of "potential articles" I keep on hand.

I often think about how raising kids is a lot like keeping horses. When I am writing about teaching kids to be self confident, I occasionally stop and add a "potential article" note to my list of horse keeping articles.

If I am writing an article on training a horse (make it comfortable for them to do what I want - and uncomfortable for them to avoid what I want), I may make a note to write an article about teaching (training) kids to do what you want.

I personally think that raising kids is easier than training horses because communication can be done with speaking. But horses speak too, you just have to learn to listen.

With horses, you speak with confident and kind actions. Get your horse's trust and he will happily do what you ask of him.

With kids, you speak with with confident and kind words. Get your child's trust and he will happily do what you ask of him.

In training horses, teaching kids, and almost everything else in life, the single most important rule to follow is: It's not the quantity of work, it's the quality.

Anything is achievable if you approach it with confidence and respect.



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