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Extra Help With Affirmations

An affirmation is a statement we use to declare a desired situation. Using affirmations is a positive way to improve your life and is recognized by personal development experts. Our parenting classes encourage you to use affirmations to achieve your goals.

Often people will try an affirmation and then give up because they see no results. This lesson will outline important ways to make your affirmation a reality.

Make your affirmation believable.

If you don't believe your affirmation is possible, you won't be able to put the effort into seeing it happen. For example, "I will marry a millionaire", is so far from our current life that we can't find it believable. It is a dream, not an affirmation. (Another note here: We recommend affirmations be in the present tense - but that's another lesson. For now, affirmations can be future tense when we are setting goals.)

An affirmation should state what you want without being too much of an exaggeration. A much better affirmation would be: "I will marry someone whom I love and who makes a comfortable living." This affirmation is one that you can believe and can take steps to achieve.

Repeat your affirmation often.

In order for your subconscious to pick it up and make it automatic, it has to be repeated often. Basically, you are programming your mind to remember what you want so that you subconsciously make decisions that will help you achieve your goal.

One way to repeat affirmations is to put them on post-its that you place around your house (on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, on the cupboard, and other places you’ll see them). This can be effective on its own, or can be used with other affirmation techniques.

Don't try to control what happens.

While you should take steps to achieve your affirmation, don't try to control what happens in your life. If your affirmation was to marry someone who makes a comfortable living, and someone comes into your life who makes minimum wage, the decision is yours. You can choose to let go of your affirmation or to continue looking.

Choose realistic affirmations, repeat them often, and make decisions based on what you want. These tips will help you set and achieve your goals.




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