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Creating Your Affirmation

Affirmations work best when they are stated in the present tense.

"I will be a better parent" is a good affirmation, but it allows you to wait for it to happen.

"I am an excellent parent" is better because it implants itself in your subconscious as current. You are doing it now. Your subconscious will help you do it.

Keep your affirmation as short as possible. It will work much better and faster than a wordy affirmation. (And it is easier to say.)

Repeat it often. Basically, you are programming your mind to remember what you want so that you subconsciously make decisions that will help you attain your goal.

Don't use negative affirmations. "I will not bully my child" is not a good affirmation. It will work faster if you use the positive approach. "I am a calm parent" is positive and will reinforce your objective.

Make your affirmation feel right for you. The more you believe in the affirmation, the sooner you will achieve your goal.

Time your affirmations. Find a time to reinforce your affirmations. First thing in the morning as you brush your teeth is an excellent time to reinforce your affirmations.

As you get ready for bed is also a great time. If you reaffirm your affirmations as you get ready for bed, your subconscious will continue your affirmation while you sleep.

You also want to repeat your affirmations several times throughout the day to help embed it in your subconscious.

Create your affirmation, repeat your affirmation. Trust your affirmation. You can create a better "you".



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