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Does My State Accept Online Parenting Classes?

Many courts have no problem accepting online parenting class certificates. Other courts request a specific class and will accept no others. This varies so much that a court in one county may accept any parenting class certificate while a court 30 miles away in the next county of the same state may only accept an in-person class given by a specific agency.

A few states (Massachusetts for example) will not accept any online parenting classes unless you ask for approval prior to registering.

So, how do you know whether you are allowed to take online parenting classes?

Simply ask if there is a specific class you must take or if an online certificate will be accepted.

Focus on Kids Parenting Classes take the worry out of it for you. Our guarantee is simple:

If our parenting classes are not accepted for a divorce court or legal requirement, we will refund your money in full with written proof of decline.

You've got enough to worry about. We take the worry out of choosing the right parenting classes. Trusted by courts nationwide our parenting classes give you a fast, easy, guaranteed way to complete your divorce parenting classes online.



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